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Frequently Asked Question:

1: Where can I check the latest price of taxi license?

Customers can access the latest price information in many ways - customer can visit the website of Taxi XChange, where we replicate the same price information to the website of Sintat Motors Management. Customers can also contact our investment consultants for further enquiry at anytime.

2¡GIs the secondary market of taxi license active? If I want to sell my taxi license, what should I do?

In Hong Kong, the secondary market of taxi license is very active. Most of the taxi companies, including Sintat Motors Management, would offer taxi selling services. Generally speaking, once customer has made a selling decision, cash payment from the transaction would be delivered within 10 days.

3¡G Who would be liable if my taxi is involved in a traffic accident?

Most people would choose the one-stop professional taxi management plans offered by taxi companies, such as those from Sintat Motors Management, when they decide to invest on taxi license. As all our contracts are advised by professional legal consultant, if your taxi ever gets involved in any traffic accident, you would still be fully protected by contract where the liability of accident (if any) would be transferred to the taxi driver and the insurance company. Our customer, as the taxi owner, would not bear any liability.

4¡G Traffic accident sometimes happens. As an investor, am I protected against any financial risks incurred?

In the taxi industry, the system of security deposit exists between the taxi drivers and the taxi owners for many years. If taxi drivers are involved in any traffic accidents, or breach any traffic regulations, they have to bear both the financial and legal liabilities and the respective penalties will be deducted directly from their security deposit. To further protect our customers, Sintat Motors Management offers 3 more precautions - Firstly, we offer each taxi under our taxi management plan a security deposit, which would be kept by our customers; Secondly, we ensure each taxi driver to fully pay for the security deposit before renting out any of our taxi; Thirdly, we have a set of strict guidelines on taxi drivers recruitment, which allow us to hire only experienced and professional drivers.

5¡G Will HKSAR Government issue taxi license again?

Since 1994, HKSAR government has never issued any new taxi license. Investing on taxi is a lot different from investing on property. Taxi investment is less risky comparatively as government policy on this aspect is relatively stable; while property investment market is always the focus of government policy that enhances the uncertainty of property investment.

6¡G Is the maintenance of taxi expensive?

Most of the maintenance items are already covered by our professional taxi management plan. This arrangement has minimized the investment cost from our customers. In fact the repairing cost for taxi is only around one-third of that of private vehicles. Sintat Motors Management also has regular review with taxi repairing companies to ensure all taxi under our management plan can enjoy qualified services at a reasonable price. In addition, Sintat Motors Management offers an ¡§all-round maintenance scheme¡¨ to our customer for selection. Under this scheme, all general repairing and maintenance cost would be covered. Customers can thus calculate their return on investment easier.

7¡G Is taxi license investment a long-term investment?

Taxi license investment is an investment tool that combines the advantages of short-, medium- and long-term investment. As taxi license investment enables low transaction and financing cost, simple administration, short transaction time, as well as good and stable return on investment, investors can enjoy more than 30% of profit as fast as within 1 month, counting from the date of purchase to that of profit delivery in cash. There are also long-term investors who see taxi license investment as their retirement plan. Through our professional management plan, investors receive a guaranteed rental income every month, which can be used to cover the monthly installment payment for taxi. After a fixed period of time, when the cost of taxi license is fully paid, investors would solely own the taxi and receive a high rental income every month.

8¡G When I make investment decision, is Hong Kong taxi preferable to New Territories taxi?

Many customers have a misunderstanding on prioritizing their investment on the two types of taxi. However, most importantly, customers should assess their risk tolerance levels, and understand the difference on return on investment and development potential between the two types of taxi, before making any investment decision. For example, for the first three quarters of 2010, New Territories taxi has a higher return on investment than Hong Kong taxi, while its investment capital is also more affordable to most of the investors.

9¡G As a housewife, retiree, agent with unstable income, or self-employed, am I able to apply business loan successfully for my taxi license investment?

It is much easier to get approval on business loan for taxi license investment compared to property mortgage as taxi has its own profit earning ability. As long as you don¡¦t have too much personal debt, business loan for the first and the second taxi can be easily approved in general.