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Why Should I Invest on Taxi License?

1. Good return on investment

Taxi license investment can be both aggressive and conservative. No matter you choose to invest in Hong Kong taxi or the New Territories taxi, investors can always strive for profit in short-, medium-, or long-term based on their investment needs and risk tolerance levels, as well as the latest market situation. (For details, see Figure 1)

2. Diversified investment model of taxi licenses

Besides the traditional investment plan that required one-off full payment, customers can now choose the amount of down payment according to their financial needs. Sintat Motors Management will help our customers to maximize their profits leverage the limited funds and create the best return on investment. (For details, see Figure 1)

3. Low investment cost but high flexibility on withdrawal

Investment cost is often the key to success of an investment plan. However, many investment tools in the market incur huge costs, for example, investment on property, which needs investors to pay for high trading and leasing agent commissions, stamp duty, legal consultant fees, and mortgage redemption fees. Fortunately, taxi license investment can save most of the above costs, which in turn increases the potential return on investment for investors. (For details, see Figure 2)

4. Part of asset investment

Taxi license belongs to the category of asset investment, where investors can be benefited from inflation and stagflation.

5. Strong resistance to financial crisis

Taxi operation is an unique industry that fosters a favorable and stable environment for investors. Even during the major financial crisis in the past few decades, price of taxi license was relatively stable compared to that of properties and equities. (For details, see Figure 3)

6. Fixed cash income

If customers choose to finance their taxi license investment by business loans, provided that the interest rate is low, the guaranteed monthly rental income they receive is often higher than their monthly installment payment. In other words, taxi license investment can offer a stable cash income for our customers every month.

7. Easy and convenient to manage

Tedious administration process is needed for all kind of investment. We understand what customers need and we are pleased help our customers to take care of all these troubles, including business registration, routine taxi maintenance, traffic emergency, taxi cleaning and inspection, annual inspection of government vehicles, annual updates for vehicle license and insurance policies, driver employment and rental collection. These arrangements can save our customers a lot of time and ensure all necessary steps are in order.

8. No commissions and short rent-free period

Customers can get their guaranteed rental income one week after the vehicle ownership is transferred. In the other words, it enables investors to get their return on investment much faster than other investment tools. For example, property investors can only lease their properties after renovation is done and tenant is found. They also need to provide 14 days rent-free period and pay for agent commissions which is equivalent to half of the monthly rental. All these already add up to nearly two months of rental. Time is money. Under our professional management services, investors can avoid the unnecessary loss of time and enjoy their rental income earlier.

9. High rental stability

Despite the fluctuating economic environment, thanks to the traditional features of the taxi industry, demand for taxi rental has been very stable. Referencing to the historical data below, you can see taxi rental income is growing upwards gradually in the past few years. This makes taxi license investment one of the most valuable investment tools in any economic situation. (For details, see Figure 4)