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Why Should I Invest on Taxi License? 


Why Should I Invest on Taxi License?

10. High flexibility on contracts

Taxi license investment not only offers investors a reasonable and stable rental returns, when the market price of taxi license reaches investors’ target, they can also capture the best moment to sell their licenses without being bound by the lease contracts. Customers can easily lift the lease and sell their taxi licenses by giving us a 7-day notice period. This enables a higher flexibility to our investors who want to adjust their investment strategies anytime according to the ever changing economic environment.

11. Active secondary market

The secondary market of taxi license in Hong Kong is very active. Whenever customers want to sell their licenses, they can notice us and as quick as within the same day, you can see the purchase orders from other investors or dealers. The transaction process is also very simple, quick and convenient.

12. Short settlement period

Transaction of taxi licenses does not involve complicated procedures. In general, once you sign the contract, it only taks 7 days to complete the whole process of transaction and the the seller can receive the proceeds of sale subsequently. Compared to the traditional process of property sale that requires as long as 45 days, the settlement period for taxi license transaction is much shorter.

13. Easy approval on financing

Mortgage application is often complex and demanding, which requires complicated documents and long processing period. In contrast, it is relatively easier to get approval on taxi license financing. No matter you are working or not, even you have no income, you are eligible to apply for financing. Investors who are 60 years old or below can even apply for installment period up to 25 years, allowing higher flexibility on the use of capital.

14. Guaranteed high deposit

Many investors would choose to finance their investments with business loads. However, if the application for business loads is not approved, the consequences can be serious. For example, if investors fail to apply for funding for their property investment and cannot complete the deal subsequently, investors will be liable to the loss incurred and may need to pay for deposit that can be as high as several hundred thousand dollars as compensation. But on the taxi license investment front, if investors encounter the same situation, individual car management companies can also specify in the contract that all deposit and the balance of down payment can be refunded in full.

15. Stable income from guaranteed rental

We offer a guaranteed rental for our customers and cash would be bank-in to our customers’ account every month. It is particularly suitable for investors, such as retirees and housewives, who seek for stable income.

16. Online management

We provide every customer an online account that allows customers to assess to the latest information on their investment performance at any time using their customer login.